GoPlus SDK for Quick Start

The easiest way to connect your dApp to the blockchain security data and get the power of GoPlus's security infrastructure. Just download, write a few lines of code, and go.

Get GoPlus SDK?

GoPlus SDK currently supports Go and Node.js.

GoPlus SDK for Go

GoPlus SDK for Node.js

What is GoPlus SDK?

GoPlus SDK is one of the most data-rich and risk-detectable security service SDKs available.
GoPlus SDK integrates the following APIs.
Token Security API
Detect token security and identify token risks.
NFT Security API
Detect NFT security and identify NFT risks.
Malicious Address API
Check the address for malicious behavior.
Approval Security API v1
Approval Security API v1 mainly supports inputting approved contracts and detects the security of approved contracts.
Approval Management API (Approval Security API v2)
Approval Management API (Approval Security API v2) mainly supports inputting a EOA, viewing the contracts approved by the address and the information of the approved contracts (basic information and risk detection).
Signature Data Decode API
Decode transaction input data and detect it for security.
dApp Security Info API
Detect whether the dApps' main contracts are open source or have malicious behaviors, and check whether the dApps are audited
Phishing Site Detection API
Detect whether a website is a phishing website.