NFT Security API

V1.1.8 - 08/28/2023

New FeatureDescriptionLocationImportance
New Chain Supported:"10" means Optimism; "25" means Cronos; "100" means Gnosis;"128" means HECO; "250" means Fantom; "321" means KCC; "324" means zkSync Era; "201022" means FON; "42161" means Arbitrum; "43114" means Avalanche; "59144" means Linea Mainnet; "59140" means Linea Testnet; "8453" Base; "5000" Mantle; "534353" Scroll Testnet;High: This update is highly relevant to malicious functions. Please make sure you access to it.

V1.1.7 - 07/28/2023

New FeatureDescriptionLocationImportance
Algorithm Optimization:Optimized detection algorithm. Reduced false alarm ratesLow: The algorithm has been automatically upgraded, you don't need to change anything.