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Will security issues only functional at launch trigger the check after they are no longer active?

For example. Will the ability to change token balances at launch, which will be disabled permanently later, trigger owner_change_balance after it is disabled permanently?

Converting response to JSON not working

When I try to convert data to JSON via data.json() - this is Python by the way - it gives the error 'ResponseWrapperTokenSecurity' object has no attribute 'json' How do I make the response subscriptable?

What are the two important things you need in your API security

What do you understand by assets API authenticator Brief me what you do understand by R/R Ratio <https://docs.gopluslabs.io/reference/tokensecurityusingget_1>

https://docs.gopluslabs.io/reference/tokensecurityusingget_1 - endpoint not working?!

I checkd the endpoint url and params, logged the address, if I fetch from my local dev server using node, i get an ok 200 with an empty response object. The same addres here on the website, returns the object, so whats the problem, why is this not working?!

Bonjour jvoudrer avoir une idée conbien de temps mes les gains pour être virer sur un compte bancaire merci

Bonjour conbien de temps mes les virements

https://api.gopluslabs.io/api/v1/abi/input_decode - for verified contracts only?

This only fecthes the verified contract correct? If contract is not verified it returns a status 200 with no ABI found? Ty

I'm very confused

The very first time I made a deal the mediator took $40 and said the whole thing was going to cost $250 and I never got my money back and he didn't get the picture but I can't find it now it's on some kind of lockdown and I don't know how to get money back into my wallet cuz whatever he did made it so my bank wouldn't want to do it and now a girl tried to buy one of my pictures and it won't give her her money back and I don't have access to that wallet anymore cuz my house burned down what do I do I don't want her to suffer like I did how do I fix this? Thank you I look forward to your answer.