Security ItemsParameterDescriptionNotice
dApp Project Nameproject_nameIt describes the dApp project name.
dApp UrlurlIt describes the dApp's website link.
Contract Security Infocontracts_securityIt describes the security information for this dApp's contracts. The info includes:
(1) chain_id - describes the chains that contracts are deployed on;
(2) contract_address - describes the dApp's contract address;
(3) is_open_source - describes whether this contract is open source;
(4) malicious_contract - describes whether the address is a suspected malicious contract;
(5) malicious_behavior - describes specific malicious behaviors of the contract; (6) deployment_time - describes the deployed time of the contract;
(7) creator_address - describes the creator's address of the contract;
(8) malicious_creator - describes whether the creator is a suspected malicious address;
(9) malicious_creator_behavior - describes specific malicious behaviors of the contract creator.
malicious_contract and malicious_creator return "0" does not mean the address is completely safe. Maybe we just haven't found its malicious behavior.
Is Auditis_auditIt describes whether the dApp was audited by a reputable audit firm.
"1" means true;
"0" means that we have not found audit information for this dApp.
Return "0" does not mean the dApp was not audited. Maybe we just haven't found audit information for this dApp yet.
Audit Infoaudit_infoIt describes the audit information of the dApp. The info includes:
(1) audit_time - describes the time shown in the latest audit report;
(2) audit_link - describes the website link of the audit report;
(3) audit_firm - describes the firm that audited the dApp.
When the dApp was not audited, (is_audit=0), it will return "null". If there are multiple audit reports, the information of the latest audit report is displayed.
Trust Listtrust_listIt describes whether the dApp is a famous and trustworthy one. "1" means true;
"0" means that this dApp is not yet on our trusted list.
(1) Only "trust_list": "1" means it is a famous and trustworthy dApp.
(2) "0" return doesn't mean it is risky.